Welcome to the Technical Knowledgebase, provided by the Carroll County Schools Center of Technology and Innovation!

This blog is designed to provide you, as our customers, a one-stop-shop for technology tips and tricks. We’ve broken the site up into two sides: Instructional and Technical. You’ll find links to to those on the navigation bar on the left.

Instructional videos are designed for teachers, and are geared to provide you with great information about how to use technology in your 21st Century classroom.

Technical videos serve two purposes: to help you when you’re running into an issue, and to provide enrichment to help you to use your technology to its full capabilities. The technical videos are named in a way that we think questions may be asked to us. For example, a video about sound not working on an iPad is entitled, “My sound isn’t working on my iPad.”

We hope this will be a great tool for you. Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy Browsing!