The Crew

Cindy Johann – District Technology Coordinator
Cindy has been with Carroll County Schools since 2005. She currently lives in Madison, Indiana with her husband, Mike. She enjoys being outside in the summer and soaking in the sun.
Cindy is responsible for supervising all aspects of the CCS Technology Department. She also coordinates and files paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission for the E-rate program. Because of this, our district receives tens of thousands of dollars each year to buy and update technology for our district. These dollars provide the backbone for our computer network as well as helping pay for network connections to each of our schools and phone service for the district.

Zachary Morris-Dean – Network Administrator
Zach has been with Carroll County Schools since 2012. He comes to us from Owensboro Public Schools in Owensboro, Kentucky. Zach enjoys working and playing on computers (surprise, surprise,) singing, playing with his cats, and many hours of watching Law & Order: SVU and Brooklyn 99.
Zach is responsible for all network operations at Carroll County including switching/routing, WiFi access, phone systems, email, user accounts, and shared drives. He also administers each of our district’s over 2,000 computers and servers.

Joe Bliton – Instructional Device Manager
Joe has been with Carroll County Schools since 2006. He enjoys playing with his dog and getting to know people. Joe spends countless hours assisting with the leadership of the Carroll County High School Honor Guard as well as mentoring students at CCHS.
Joe’s primary responsibilities are all technical issues at theĀ  Area Technology Center, and CCHS, including the school’s ~600 1to1 laptops.


Greg Bremmer – Computer Technician

Greg has been with Carroll County Schools since 2017. Greg loves anything pertaining to video games. He’s also avid player of Dungeons and Dragons as well as Magic: The Gathering. Greg has grown up around instructional technology, as his mother is very involved with instructional technology as well. Greg’s primary responsibilities are break/fix issues at Cartmell, Kathryn Winn, iLEAD, and Head Start.

Stacy Riddle – Computer Technician

Stacy has been with Carroll County Schools since 2018. Stacy brings with her 12 years of experience in K-12 instructional technology. She is also the archery coach at Midway University in Midway, Kentucky. When she’s not teaching archery or fixing computers, Stacy enjoys fishing and hunting with her family. Stacy’s primary responsibilities are all technical issues at CCMS including the ~600 1to1 laptops, as well as the 1to1 Chromebook program at Cartmell Elementary.